About us

We believe that wearing a mask should be done with pleasure.

Our history

The BWA brand was born out of our desire to help the world to adapt to new health challenges. We pursue this goal by offering our customers useful and innovative accessories.

But the fight against epidemics or pollution does not justify abandoning our art of living and the attention we pay to our style. We therefore attach great importance to the style of our products.

Our company

Our head office and our logistics platform are located in France, in Moselle, in the country of the 3 borders. This location allows us to work together with our Belgian, Luxembourg and German counterparts. We are working hard on innovative products that we will be happy to introduce you in the very near future. Keep yourself informed!


 Our organization

Our teams are based in France and Asia to serve you betterWe are inspired by Asian experience in the field of health safety in order to offer our European customers innovative products.


The shipments are sent from France by La Poste. Don't hesitate to check your tracking code on their website.